Enjoy the best short films made in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion! Euregion Shorts offers you not only a continuous traveling program with the best short films from the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, we also offer you a multi-days festival experience with the best films from all over the world, awards, workshops and more.

Euregion Shorts
Euregion Shorts aims to connect professionals, filmmakers and the public in an international context. Euregion Shorts is an initiative of Cinesud. Cinesud is a professional network group in which filmmakers can connect, make films and deploy their talents. Cinesud is based in Limburg, The Netherlands, and works within the Euregion of Meuse-Rhine (province Limburg in the Netherlands and Belgium, province Liege, Die Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft in Belgium, province Nord Rhein-Westfalen and region Aachen). Although Cinesud is based in the Euregion, the focus has an even more international scope. The Euregion Shorts Film Festival is an event in which Cinesud combines these key issues and takes the whole to a higher level.

Want to submit?
As a professional, you can submit your film only by using FilmFreeway. Films from all over the world are eligible. Maximum duration of a production is 20 minutes. Please read the complete regulations carefully before submitting.

Looking for events?
Are you a filmfreak or just looking for an interesting event? Take a look at our events-page, you don’t want to miss our next event! Throughout the whole year, we offer you multiple events in which the best local and international films are leading.

What about awards?
Every January, a multiday festival program will be presented. This program contains selections of films from all over the world, workshops, an award show and more. If your film is selected for one of our traveling programs, you are automatically in the running for several prizes during the festival. The authentic, hand-made awards are made by Rianne Kerens.